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Advanced Data Visibility and Tracking

LynkSCOPE is an advanced Data Visibility and Tracking solution, which is based on extensive market research, customer insights and EDI management experience. It provides comprehensive end-to-end visibility to data and processing in real-time. LynkSCOPE’s plain and simple format makes it easy to track and view data in one place. LynkSCOPE enables businesses to effortlessly track EDI documents, 997 Functional Acknowledgements, reporting/business intelligence and integration of data from/to multiple trading partners.

Track the data

LynkSCOPE enables you to track the data from the very moment it is received by your B2B gateway and all the way to its destination. It will also, allows you to track and monitor the data in different stages as it goes through processing steps. It supports the entire end-to-end processes, exceptions, and integration with the back-end systems.

You can search your documents

Using LynkSCOPE, you can search your documents by document type, trading partner name, sender id, receiver id, document status, date & time range, control numbers, acknowledgement status, etc. Our solution offers you more than multiple search options. It is uniquely designed to meet your business needs. Track documents based on the purchase order (PO) numbers, invoice numbers, and shipment numbers. LynkSCOPE also provides businesses the ability to associate different document types together by similar reference numbers in the Document Tracking tool. For example, search for a Purchase Order (PO) number and results, may display associated invoice, PO acknowledgement or advanced shipment notice. You can download all the tracking parameters in csv or excel format.

LynkSCOPE Integration

Do you already have an EDI translator but struggle with data visibility? LynkSCOPE can be integrated into any EDI translator with very little development and customization. Having robust visibility in place gives you the ability to effectively monitor business document processing. It will save you all the headaches while trying to track data for auditing, reporting or analytics purpose.

Key features of LynkSCOPE’s Data Visibility and Tracking:

  • Controlled role based user access.
  • View information about documents you have sent or received.
  • Lots of search parameters available for filtering. Such as, select date time range, document types, control numbers, transaction status, document type, or acknowledgement status.
  • Views that display the status of a specific batch, interchange, functional group, or document.
  • Input and output file sizes are part of document tracking parameters.
  • Download tracking info in CSV or Excel format.
  • Views display overdue acknowledgement info.
  • Ability to manually acknowledge overdue 997 FAs.
  • Search for documents based on connectivity or communication protocol.
  • Ability to reprocess or resend single or multiple documents.
  • Ability to download data input, output and acknowledgement file from view.
  • Ability to view EDI data in stream or unstream format.
  • Ability to associate documents together by similar reference numbers in the Document Tracking tool.
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