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LynkEDI Web Lite

Large retailers, manufacturers and distributors require their vendors or smaller customers to be EDI compliant. Web-based EDI is the most viable solution available for low volume needs. LynkEDI – Web Lite is very intuitive, user-friendly and requires no prior EDI knowledge. Web forms are preprogrammed with data validations and business rules, ensuring full compliance with X12 EDI standards. LynkEDI – Web Lite supports retail, warehousing, transportation industry EDI transactions. To Learn about commonly used EDI transactions, please read..

LynkEDI – Web Lite provides an easy to use Web Based EDI system for small businesses. Doing EDI with your business partners is as simple as logging into a website and takes only a few minutes to set up.

  • Sign up for an account
  • Log in and subscribe to a service level matching your needs
  • Configure your EDI Partnerships
  • Start sending and receiving EDI Data
  • Receive Email notifications for any new incoming EDI document
  • Receive email alerts for non-compliant transactions or rejected documents.

LynkEDI – Web Lite is a Microsoft Azure hosted cloud service readily available across the globe. We manage your EDI, so you could focus on your core business. LynkEDI – Web Lite is a subscription-based Secure, Simple, Reliable, Scalable, and Affordable EDI solution.

LynkEDI Web Lite features includes, but not limited to:

  • Simplified and User-friendly interface. Email like look and feel of Web forms.
  • Complete visibility to EDI transactions.
  • Simple processing EDI transactions.
  • Create response to Purchase Orders with a minimal manual entry.
  • Prepopulates information from Purchase Order when generating response Invoice, PO acknowledgement or ASN.
  • Offers several ways to create shipment or Advanced Ship Notice as per your packaging policy or your customer’s needs.
  • Built in EDI validation and error checking.
  • View or maintain Trading Partner relationships.
  • Download EDI X12 transaction to your local computer in text format.
  • View EDI transactions in HTML format and download in pdf.
  • Print or download web forms in pdf.
  • Generate reports in excel format.
  • Automated 997 Functional Acknowledgement generation & reconciliations.
  • Error alert email notifications.
  • Create and save transaction Templates for use later use.
  • Automatically saves documents as Draft to finish later.
  • Receive automated alerts for incoming new Orders or transactions.
  • Receive automated alerts for errors or when received invalid EDI transactions.
  • Easy to track and download transaction history.
  • And much more!!!!

Other Modules available apart from Web EDI

  • Generate and print GS-1 Barcode and Shipping Labels.
  • Lynk Data Visibility and Tracking
  • Built-in Incident Management Tool
  • Inventory management
  • Maintain store locations, warehouses etc.
  • Maintain Carrier information.
  • Maintain Tax information in general or partner specific.
  • Maintain general or partner specific Terms of Sale or Payment Terms.
  • Maintain general or partner specific Order, Invoice or Shipping Notes.
  • Manage Inventory
  • Manage Business Addresses

Apart from feature packed products, Lynk offers

  • 24/7 System and Technical support plus comprehensive training
  • Subscription based pricing.
Its quick, easy and low cost. To learn more and request a demo contact us [email protected] or simply submit the form below and one of executives will be in touch.

Introducing LynkEDI - Web Lite

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