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How We Help You?

  • EDI Integration

    Easy Integration with any ERP system
    Any to Any Mapping
    Easy Trading Partner Management
    Ecommerce EDI Integration
    Support for all EDI Standards

  • Cloud and Web EDI Solution

    Cloud based Technology
    Easy Access from anywhere
    Simple, Flexible and Dependable

  • Reliable EDI Transmission

    Support for all Communication protocols
    Fast, Secure and Reliable

  • Scalable and Configurable

    Configurable to meet your needs
    Scalable to add new features
    On demand new features

Introducing Lynk B2B Integrator

  • How are your EDI services priced?

    Lynk’s EDI services are very competitive and affordable. We are priced to meet the EDI needs of every budget. We offer monthly subscription based pricing, which includes a base price for services that you subscribe to, plus per transaction and no annual fee. Our EDI platform is affordable, easy to use, and scales seamlessly as your needs grow. To learn more about our pricing, please contact us.

  • How does your EDI Service and Support works?

    We offer 24x7 support. Our EDI service and support are very customer focused and responsive. We believe in effectiveness and efficiency of your EDI operations as much as you do. Our team of EDI specialists is proactive and skilled to quickly diagnose any issues, determine a quick solution and implement a correction. You may also take advantage of our built-in Incident management tool, to track the status of tickets.

  • Does Lynk’s EDI Service provide Business Intelligence & Reporting?

    Lynk offers real time tracking to give you the most current and up to date insights into your EDI data. With our Data visibility and tracking utility, you can perform searched and download in CSV and Excel format. Our EDI Dashboard offers you different graphical representation of your EDI data. You may take advantage of Lynk’s Reporting utility to execute reports and gain real-time insight into your data.

  • What type of EDI consultancy services do you offer?

    We offer EDI consultancy services for IBM B2B Sterling Integrator, Sterling File gateway and Sterling Secure Proxy. We also provide Application Management and Service for IBM b2B EDI. Our team of highly skilled and experienced consultants will help you to plan, design, develop, implement and support your IBM B2B EDI implementation.

  • Do you offer EDI integration with Ecommerce?

    Lynk’s EDI platform offers integration with Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify, Wordpress, Jhoomla, Drupal, BigCommerce, X-Cart. Contact us to learn, how we can help you to do EDI with your vendor.

  • What EDI standards and industries does Lynk’s EDI service support?

    We support all EDI standards such as ANSI X12, EDIFACT, UCS, VICS, etc. We can map from any to any format as per your needs. We offer EDI service and integration specific to any industry. Please visit EDI transactions by industry type.

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